A Musical Challenge from Austin Otto!

Austin Otto needs your help! 

This week, Quaver released a very special musical message to the world!

And… well… Austin Otto couldn’t let Quaver have all the fun! 

Click below to see a very special message – and challenge – from Austin Otto himself!

Did you catch that? A musical challenge from Austin Otto! 

Austin Otto challenges you and your students to write the next verse of his song! What exciting things are you doing to make the most of your time at home?

You can send a video, send some lyrics in an email — whatever you’d like!

Send all entries to Promotions@QuaverEd.com by May 1st for your chance to be in Austin Otto’s song! 

Selected winners will have their verse featured in Austin Otto’s song and will receive a very special QuaverNotes code.

Use the following background track to help with writing the song!

The lyrics to the first verse of Austin Otto’s song are as follows: 

If you’re staying home in quarantine,
ask your folks how you can help them clean
Maybe go outside and find a thumb that’s green cause you’re in quarantineMaybe you could try to cook a cocoa bean
Find out how to get to Bowling Green
You can read about the chapel of Sistine
While you’re in quarantineYou can even try to build a time machine.
Look outside and see an evergreen
Stretch on the couch and read a magazine
Cause you’re in quarantine 

We’re excited for this digital challenge and to see what you come up with! 

Happy Composing!