A Message from QuaverEd President

Dear Quaver Educators, 

QuaverEd is committed to providing best in class resources and excellent service.  Due to the massive increase in student accounts in the past few weeks, we have been experiencing intermittent slowdowns on our servers. While the site serving our teaching resources has been largely unaffected by these volumes, the student site is experiencing daily service interruptions. We have isolated the cause and are working to remedy it.  

We understand the great inconvenience this causes you and your students. We have a team of top IT professionals working on the solution. They are equally concerned and are doing their best, working tirelessly to solve the problem. While we hope the resolution is swift, this may take a week or longer to resolve. In light of this, we ask for your patience as we bring your resources back to their full functionality.

When this issue occurs, your students may experience a slowdown in their accounts. They just need to refresh their browser in five minutes to be re-engaged.  If they attempt to login for the first time during the slowdown, they will see an error message. If they wait about five minutes, they can  log in again successfully.

In the meantime, you can now send your students individual links to our resources that do not require login or access to their accounts. We recommend identifying a few resources each day to have handy if you face any interruptions due to slowdowns. 

To share a resource link with students:

  • Search for any individual activity in Resource Manager
  • Select the activity and click Menu > “Get Link”
  • Copy and paste the resource link to share with students

This is also easy to do from any launched Quaver Lesson. Learn more about resource sharing in this step-by-step help article

We are thankful for the trust you have placed in us to help you reach your students in these extraordinary times. Our mission is to make teaching and learning Seriously Fun. We are truly sorry for the frustrations we may be adding to your day.  Please know that we are committed to providing reliable and consistent access to your high quality instructional resources. We are doing everything we can to achieve that goal.  All the staff of Quaver are behind me in making this promise.


Dr. David V. Mastran

President QuaverEd.com

For the latest information on our sites, you can always reference our Site Status Page at https://quavered.statuspage.io/. We will reach out again with any updates or resolution!