New Year, New Upgrades!

We are excited to announce the Winter 2021 update to your QuaverMusic resources.

Though 2020 has been challenging, you continue to play an invaluable role in the lives of your students and those in your community. This year has shown us time and again what we’ve always known to be true: teachers are incredible. 

By now, you are most likely aware that Adobe is ending support for their Flash plugin at the end of 2020. As a result, we at Quaver have been recreating many resources and optimizing our site for a world without Flash. This release marks the final phase in our transition away from dependence on Adobe Flash. 

We hope these content and functionality improvements will continue to support you, no matter what the new year brings.

Read on to explore what’s new:

  1. Download Your Compositions from the New Creatives MP3 Library
  2. Easily Download Any SongBrush Creation
  3. Check Out Updates to Middle School Projects
  4. Discover New Avatar Updates Requested by You


Dive deeper into this new update with our latest webinar!


1. Download Your Compositions from the New Creatives MP3 Library

While the Classic Creatives (which relied on Adobe Flash) are no longer available, do not fear! Starting today, we’ve made it easy to download compositions that were created using the Classic Creatives.
The Creatives MP3 Library provides an easy way to download MP3 versions of the compositions you created. You’ll find this library by clicking the Creatives icon on your Teacher or Student Dashboard.

Learn more about how to use the Creatives MP3 Library.

2. Easily Download Any SongBrush Creation

We’re excited to introduce a long-awaited functionality to one of our favorite Quaver Creatives, SongBrush! Students (and teachers!) can now download MP3 versions of their creations to share with you, loved ones, or just for personal use.

Learn more about SongBrush on our Help Site.

3. Check Out Updates to Middle School Projects

If you’ve ever used the 7th Grade Project “Music, Media, and Technology” with your students, then you know it relied on several Classic Creatives, which used Adobe Flash. The project has been adjusted slightly to make sure those lessons are still effective and engaging for students.  

Users will now create ringtones using one different Creative at a time. Let us know how the project works for your students this year!

4. Discover New Avatar Updates Requested by You!

You asked, we listened! This update includes a number of highly-requested features to the Avatar editor including:

  • Cat (Found in the Instruments options)
  • Corgi (Found in the Instruments options)
  • Pug (Found in the Instruments options)
  • Harp (Found in the Instruments options)
  • Recorder (Found in the Instruments options)
  • Cart (Found in the Instruments options)

And don’t forget to select your avatar holiday gift! Learn more about this fun annual tradition and how to claim your gift today.


Many of these updates were ideas from teachers like you. We rely on your feedback, so be sure to let us know what you think!

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