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Each week on the QuaverSEL Blog, we highlight one of the core CASEL competencies and a sub-competency. Today, we’re diving into one of CASEL’s core competencies, responsible decision-making, and an activity that will ask the question: why is important to evaluate how you do things? 

Let’s dive in! 

Evaluate means to think about how well you did something and what you can do better! It’s an important part of responsible decision-making and seeing how situations and work could be improved. 

Take five minutes this week to explore evaluation as a skill. 


You’ll find this song in the SELMusic Library by searching “Evaluate.” This song encourages students to look back at a situation or at their work to evaluate what they can do better moving forward or if things could be improved. 

After singing through the song a few times as a class, head back to the Song Hub to discover several activities to use with the song. 

What is Evaluating? 

This screen reinforces the theme of learning how to evaluate work and effort. It explores the definition of “evaluate” and HOW we can evaluate by using tools like rubric to help us evaluate our own work or the work of others. 

  • Click the Rubric tab and press Play to hear about rubrics.
  • Click the Practice tab and press Play to listen to the first example. Use the purple Arrows to paginate through two more examples, repeating the same discussion process.

Can We Do It Better?

Back in the Song Hub, you’ll find an activity called “Can We Do It Better.” This screen provides a great opportunity to evaluate classroom procedures as a class and decide how they can be improved.

Encourage students to use the sentence stem: “Our ____ is good” when identifying two good things done when practicing the classroom procedures. When they identify something that can be better, provide the sentence stem: “We can make _____ better by  _____.”

For example, you may discuss the process of lining up to be dismissed. “Our lining up is good because we listen to our teacher and line up one at a time.” “We can make lining up better by staying seated until we are called to line up and not poking our neighbor in line.”

How do you encourage evaluating in your classroom?

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